Jake McCoy


Jacob McCoy has often been described as a “raw talent.” Despite graduating a year early from high school, he attributes his academic motivation mostly to escaping a system where he was constantly told what to do. As he weighed his options as a 16 year old, he realized an hourly job would put him in the same culture as high school, being told what he was worth instead of deciding for himself. Instead, he decided to go into business for himself and started knocking on his neighbors doors to ask if he could detail their cars for a small fee. He grew that service into a contract with a bank to detail repossessed vehicles. A year later, a close friend of his presented him with an offer to increase his earning potential and he signed with DishOne, a door-to-door satellite sales company.

Jake never had a desire to attend college and door-to-door provided an education beyond anything he anticipated. He learned the art of persuasion, the power of building relationships and setting high goals for himself. With those goals in mind, at age 18, he earned $27,000 in three and a half months. He felt the world opening up to him and set his sights higher.

The following year he decided to shoot for the top sales representative in the company. He knew there were other, perhaps more talented salesmen in the company and decided his work ethic would have to be the difference. He was able to achieve this goal by deciding to work the longest hours of anyone in the company. When his goal was accomplished, it sealed his fate. Selling became his outlet, and most importantly, his way around the ordinary. The only thing left to do was to find like-minded souls with whom to share this discovery.

Transitioning into a leadership role has presented its own new challenge. As the President of Sales at Wave Communications, Jacob McCoy hopes to create an empowering culture that allows others to discover their true potential.