Trent Winters


As a nine year veteran of the satellite door-to-door sales industry, Trent Winters has worn many hats. He got his start selling Dish Network and Directv bundled services. After his first year, he was promoted into a sales management role. After two years of selling and managing, he was able to shift his focus to his college degree.

After a brief hiatus to work on his Degree in Business, he returned to the industry as a satellite technician. Similar to his sales experience, he found he was able to best positively affect change as a technician manager. His time spent in the sales industry gave him a competitive edge in bridging the often difficult gap between sales and operations. He cultivated an attitude of service and teamwork that he leveraged into a regional role, managing a group of over 150 technicians and sales representatives.

When his employer moved to a sales-only platform, he took on a new challenge building a nationwide events program which allowed the company another avenue for face to face sales. In his nine years with DishOne Satellite, he received many offers and opportunities in other industries, but until now, had not found a place where he could create an amazing opportunity for others until now.

He has managed hundreds of people in his career and has mentored some of the best and most effective producers in the industry. His skill set will be an integral component in the foundation of Wave Communications, and we know and trust he will give his life to this endeavor.