Aaron Peden


Aaron Peden has been involved in business ever since he graduated high school in 2003. His first venture was a landscaping/window cleaning company. To acquire customers he sold his services door to door and did this for 4 years before being introduced to the satellite industry.

His first year in the business he was a satellite technician for Dish Network and Directv. He initially struggled with the job and was nearly fired from his boss because of his inability to grasp all the necessary information relating to his job. Despite his humble start and nearly being fired, he was perseverant and went on to make a name for himself in the industry. In his 3rd year as a technician he led the company in installs. He was then promoted to Head Technician. This gave him a lot of leadership experience and really helped him understand the industry and how important relationships are.

Over time he realized the best way for him to effect change was to start his own satellite retailer. He leaned on the advice of many close friends, business partners and mentors to eventually take action and pull the trigger on his idea.

During his time working as a satellite technician he was able to meet the love of his life. His wife Gabie, has been a great support to him in his life and has always been there for him despite them moving all over the country. His daughter had complications at birth and nearly lost her life at the tail end of a busy summer in 2013 and has given him a deep sense of what is truly important in life, that being his family.

Overcoming adversity has become a hallmark of Aaron’s life. It has given him great confidence and his entrepreneurial spirit will surely lead to great things at Wave Communications.